Thank you for your interest in Heartland: The Civil War

We have always believed that local history is an essential part of understanding how our past influences our present. That is why we are involved in the creation of Heartland: The Civil War, and hope you will support it. 

The effects of the Civil War on the Midwest are much greater than most realize. The war touched all facets of people’s lives including family, social, economic and political. And, while the costs and the positives of the Civil War have been well chronicled, little has been documented of the effects of the War on local Midwest communities.

Lifetime Education And Research Network, Inc. (LEARN), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation, is creating an important historical and educational product which uses the Civil War’s local impact on South Bend, Mishawaka and Elkhart, Indiana as an example of Midwestern communities. LEARN has completed a theatrical production (which debuted in June of 2015) and a video taping of that play which premiered in April of 2016. An educational program featuring the video is also being created. It will benefit schools, museums and libraries, helping to educate future generations about local history.

Your help is needed to complete this project. The cost to finish the editing and educational package requires an additional $15,000. Hopefully, you believe in the value of history and will help us educate children and local communities about the Civil War’s history and its effect on the Midwest.

Tax deductible donations can be made to LEARN by clicking on the button below.

As a sponsor, and to recognize your generosity and support, we would like to provide the following: At higher levels your name (or the name you choose) will be displayed prominently on the video and education materials. Please contact or (574) 232-2349 for more information. At the $150 level you will receive a copy of the script-DVD package as well as grouped acknowledgement on the video and on the educational materials; for a $100 donation you will receive a copy of the DVD and acknowledgement on the video and the educational materials; and for a $50 donation you will receive recognition on the video and on the educational materials. All donations are appreciated. 

Again, thank you for your interest.

R Michael Beatty
Executive Director