LEARN worked with RMB Creative Associates to develop an educational program called Best Stories. The program premiered at, and over a three year period was developed with assistance from, the Bilingual Department of the South Bend Community School Corporation under the direction of Maritza Robles. The project is currently being expanded to work with a variety of students in a variety of settings including home schooling, schools, after-school programs and hospitals. This program teaches children English and writing skills (plot, character development, etcetera); fine and applied art skills; as well as familiarizing students with libraries and the structure of books. 

A teacher's guide and a student's workbook have been developed.  The goal of both is to assist teacher and student through the Best Stories process. Both books are eleven inches by eight and one/half inches. The cost for the 235 page Best Stories Teacher's Guide is $29.95. The cost for the 123 page Best Stories Student Workbook is $14.95, Quantity discounts are available. To discuss ordering the books or for more information click here. Please tell us your needs and timeframe.



Teacher's Guide
Best Stories

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Student Workbook 
Best Stories

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Selections from Best Stories

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The Polar Bears and the City
(sample story)

Selections from 
Best Stories

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A Problem with Candy
(sample story)

Selections From
Best Stories

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There is a Sound Downstairs
(sample story)



Best Stories and its activity of writing a children’s storybook will assist students in reaching academic goals in English.
Students will become more familiar and comfortable with the structure and format of books.
Through samples and their own work, students will become more familiar with books in the English language.
Students will combine work in English with pride in their individual backgrounds.
Creative writing will provide support for furthering reading comprehension.
Through critical reading/writing students will build reading comprehension.
Students will end the project with a product that they can take pride in and share with their families and others.
Students will have a better understanding of the language of fine arts and applied arts. 
Students will have developed a beginning level of skills in fine arts and applied arts.


Eighty-eight students were involved in the Best Stories Program. The students were split into three seventh grade and two eighth grade classes. Eighty-one finished their story to the point that it could be saddle stitched and presented back to them. Two students chose not to complete the project. Five students did not complete enough of the program to be successful. All students who started the program late were able to complete the project.

Each of the students completed a saddle stitched book--total of 76 students.

A test was given to students at the beginning of the program and again at the end of the program to test knowledge in the skill areas covered. Results included:
58 students took both the pre and posttest
16 students took only the pretest
14 students took only the posttest
Average score for all pretests was 3.09
Average score for all posttests was 7.07
Difference in pre and posttests was 3.98, almost 40%
For those 58 students who took the pre and posttest the difference was 3.84, again, almost 40%
Average score for those who only took the pretest was 3.31
Average score for those who only took the posttest was 8.00
For those 30 students who took either the pretest or the posttest the difference was 4.69, almost 47%